Finance and loans for Caravans and Motorhomes

If you are looking for finance in order to purchase a new or used motorhome, caravan or camper van there are a number of options you could consider.

If you are buying new and from a dealer you are often able to arrange finance through the dealer or their appointed lender. If arranged finance is not possible or if you want to compare other offers for finance or loans there are three options to consider:

Secured Loans (Loan secured against the value of your home or equity in property if you have a mortgage)
Unsecured Personal Loans (Loan based on your ability to service the loan - dependent on disposable income)
Hire Purchase

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Begin your Personal Loan Search using the form on this page, enter your details so that loan advisers can search the market for loans offered by leading UK banks and lenders including: Lloyds TSB, Barclays & HSB, Black Horse, Nemo, Frist Plus Loans and many others. Enter your details, once on the form below and a panel of loan specialists will help to find you the best loans you qualify for (please ensure you are aware of APR rates and the terms and conditions of each individual loan, these should be provided by the lender). .

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