Test Drive Your New Car

For most people buying a new car can be a confusing process just like choosing the right car insurance policy, especially when you also have to take consideration of its suitability for towing a caravan or trailer!

Now there is a new approach, with WhatTowCar it is easy to preview and match the suitability of a new car and its 'towability'. Likewise the suitability of a particular make and model of caravan for your existing tow car or vehicle.

Use the handy search box on the righthand side of this webpage to begin your search. WhatTowCar provides useful information on kerb weight, overall match and suitabilty along with valuable user reviews.

Obviously a proper test drive is important for experiencing the following:

  • Steering
  • Gear change
  • Acceleration and brakes
  • Overall size
  • Ride comfort and noise
  • Seat adjustability
  • All-round legroom
  • Boot and storage space
  • Visibility
  • Entertainment systems (radio, CD, DVD etc)
  • Co2 emissions are increasingly important and cars with low emissions can benefit from £hundreds worth of savings in terms of road tax.

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